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"Kizomba Fever" is a group of dancers, teachers, choreographers and performers of KIZOMBA, a worldwide known African dance that originated from Angola. As a pioneer of the Kizomba dance in the UAE, the members of the so-called “Kizomba Fever” group describe themselves as passionately high-tempered dancers for the love of Kizomba.


The group gathers many multicultural souls, from the Caribbean, Egypt, India, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Philippines, Portugal, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, residing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


From Spain, Cinta Rodriguez is sharing for more than 15 years her passion for dancing as a dancer, teacher and a choreographer in Kizomba and New York Style Salsa. Before founding the group "Kizomba Fever", she travelled around the world learning from many of the Best Kizomba instructors like Nuno and Vanda, Albir Rojas, Avelino Chantre and Antonio Bandeira 


Nowadays, Cinta and Guilherme Vaz, her dance partner from Portugal, along with the Kizomba Fever group, are continuously expanding the Kizomba community in Abu Dhabi. The new incorporation of Guilherme to the group adds a more traditional flavor to the style of the group due to the guidance he experienced from Kwenda Lima and Maestro Petchu during his learning stages.


"Kizomba Fever" is currently teaching in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, participating in festivals and events in some of the GCC countries, whilst also teaching and performing. At the same time, with the aim of growing the UAE’s Kizomba scene, they are organizing events and activities involving all of the instructors in the country along with international artists to keep the community enthusiastic and united as one.


Up until today, "Kizomba Fever" has performed in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival, Dubai Latin Festival, Dubai International Dance Festival, Fujairah Latin Festival, Middle East Zouk and Kizomba Festival, Lebanon International Dance Festival and Egypt Salsensual Festival) and at the biggest and most prestigious Kizomba festival in the world, the Feeling Kizomba Festival in Madrid 2015.



Cinta Rodriguez

Kizomba Fever members


Cinta Rodriquez (Founder)

Asmaa JF

Baha El Deen Salah

Barbara Vertova

Guilherme Vaz

Lhei Cruz

Mahmoud Awil

Mickaelle Loutoby

Mohsen Al-Ameri

Omar Alaywan

Praveen Welagedara


Cinta Rodríguez is a dancer, instructor and choreographer specialized in Kizomba and Salsa dancing. Cinta Rodríguez was born in Canary Islands, Spain, she started dancing Salsa at the age of 20 years and in 2001 she started her career as a salsa dancer and instructor in Canary Islands. She got the first place in the Canary Islands pre-selection for the worldwide known international championship “Puerto Rico Salsa Open” and the 7th place in the Spanish National classification.

In 2005 she moved to Lisbon for one year to finish her studies as an Architect and she took up Kizomba dancing. Her passion about Kizomba made her try to teach this amazing and sensual dance everywhere she went, becoming one of the top notch instructors in Canary Islands because of her unique body movement and styling.

She performed in some of the most important Festivals in Spain and nowadays she is living in Abu Dhabi where she goes on teaching and performing salsa and kizomba being part of dance events in Spain, Portugal and most of the Middle East countries. She is also the founder and choreographer of the Kizomba Fever dance company, currently performing in the best Dance Festivals of the Middle East.

Her main goal when it comes to dance is to share with her students the passion about the music and how to become part of it through the dance. 


Guilherme Vaz  

Guilherme Vaz was born in Samora Correia, a small Portuguese town near Lisbon. In the year of 2000 he moved to the capital pursuing his Bachelor in Radiology. There he had the opportunity to get involved with the African immigrant community, their culture and their dance. At that point Kizomba became his new passion.

For several years he learned from Angolan and Cape Verdean natives the roots of Kizomba and Semba. In 2009 he joined the prestigious dance school Jazzy Dance Studios to perfect his technique under the guidance of names such as Kwenda Lima and the one known as “Godfather” of Kizomba, Master Petchu.

The feeling he puts into the dance soon became known and his talent was recognized. He was invited to perform live at concerts and TV shows. In 2013 he got the 3rd place in Portugal at the Africadançar competition. During his last year in Portugal he made several performances as part of the newly formed group Jazzy Kizomba Stage, including appearances at KETA and LIKE Festivals.

In the beginning of 2015, Guilherme moved to Abu Dhabi and in partnership with the well-known Dancer/Instructor Cinta Rodriguez and as part of the Kizomba Fever dance group, he pretends to spread the passion for Kizomba throughout the Middle East.

Asma JF


Born in Morocco, Asmaa was always emerged in the culture of music and dancing. She started taking modern jazz classes at the age of 16 years old, and then decided to taste latin dancing. Tango, rock, salsa and samba were her main focus for one year until she decided to concentrate on salsa. In 2011, after moving to Belgium, Asmaa started to improve her salsa skills through classes and social events that took place all over the country. Two years later, she discovered the exhilarating rythm of kizomba. This motivated her too. She started with Albir and Sara in Brussels and kept on attending many festivals in different countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Morocco. In 2015, Asmaa Joined the kizomba fever team in the UAE with whom she performed, for the first time, in Dubai kizomba gold festival. Her purpose is to keep improving with the team and make kizomba known all over the UAE.

Barbara Vertova

Born in Italy, Barbara started dancing at a young age, trying different styles including Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Boogie-woogie among others, until she found a real passion for Salsa and attended courses with international artists Luis Vasquez and Melissa Fernandez. After a few years’ break, she went back on the dance floor when she moved to Dubai in 2014, where she finally encountered Kizomba and fell in love with this dance and its captivating music. She joined the Kizomba Fever Team in February 2015 and has been performing with them since, under the expert lead of teacher and performer Cinta Rodriguez, which gave her the opportunity to learn and grow as a dancer and a person. Now she hopes to continue growing and share her passion for Kizomba both in the UAE and the region.

Leah Cruz 


Originally from Philippines, Nickname ‘LHEI’, living and working in Abu Dhabi from 2012.

Dancing is my Passion – I love dancing. I have been a dancer since my primary school years and have tried different kinds of dancehere in Abu Dhabi but my heart falls for KIZOMBA. Became a member/dancer of Kizomba Fever Group since 2014, performing in different countries is Amazing…

I would like to thank you Kizomba


Mickaelle LOUTOBY (Micka)

From the French Caribbean island Martinique, Mickaelle shares her passion of dancing from a young age. On the dance floor and throughout the years she embraced her culture by dancing Zouk, Kompa, Cha-cha, Mazurka, cadrille, soukouss and ragaae dance hall. In 2007 she moved to UAE where she learnt and salsa for years till she got introduced to Kizomba in 2013. Part of the first kizomba students of Cinta Rodriguez she attended numerous festivals along with the kizomba fever team performing, learning and socializing. Kizomba is her new passion and her aim is to spread the love of kizomba around UAE and GCC


Mahmoud Awil (MaX)

From East Africa " Somalia " born and raised in the UAE ,

MaX share his love to music and his passion to dance , he been introduced to kizomba in 2014 by Cinta Rodríguez and he attended with her numerous festivals, he then became a part of her kizomba Fever team performing and teaching to share our experience with all people who has passion to dance.

Mohsen Al-Ameri

My name is Mohsen. I'm from Tanzania but born and raised in Abu Dhabi UAE. I used to dance since i was a kid doing hip hop most of the time but i started salsa in june 2010. Then an amazing instructor called Cinta came from Spain to live in Abu Dhabi and started to teach a dance that was so new to me its called kizomba and it was love from the first sight. kizomba classes started in November of 2012 and we were a total of 5. now we have more than 70 kizomba dancers and i'm part of Kizomba Fever crew that we are touring and performing all over the world.

Omar Alaywan

Originally from the Mediterranean city of Beirut in Lebanon, Omar started his artistic journey as a Musician at the age of 6. He played Piano until the age of 15 and switched to playing the guitar. He composed, recorded and performed with various bands and sessioned for famous Lebanese artists. Omar was introduced to the world of Dancing in 2013, when he started his Salsa lessons in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Two months later he was astonished by Cinta Rodriguez's Kizomba performance and  joined her classes in beginning 2014. Shortly he joined the Kizomba Fever team and performed with them in Various Festivals and congresses around the region.

Kizomba is one of Omar's main passions and hobbies. His style is a mix of sensuality and tricks, inspired by the Traditional Kizomba and Tarraxa. 

Praveen Welagedara

Born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Kandy, Sri Lanka, Praveen started dancing back in 2005 and his first dancing steps were Latin and Ballroom. He performed and competed in styles of Jive and Cha Cha as well as Waltz and Quickstep. It was  after a few years that he was introduced to Salsa and Bachata where he fell in love with social dancing. He moved to Dubai back in 2008 and continued to dance Salsa while one day back in 2013 he was introduced to this beautiful dance, Kizomba. Since then it has been an amazing Kizomba journey for Praveen. He gained first Kizomba steps from Ivan Reyna, Nelson Champos, Cinta Rodriguez, and Mike Evens. Praveen has travelled very often for international Kizomba festivals and in year 2015 he performed at Feeling Kizomba Festival Madrid with Kizomba Fever team Abu Dhabi.

Kizomba Fever Abu Dhabi